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(Men's Health, May, 2012)
No matter how awkward and uncomfortable, these are six sit-downs you can't afford to blow.

(Real Simple, October, 2011)
With so much troubling news from Wall Street, financial anxiety is high. While you can't control the stock market, you can tackle some of your smaller money issues--and put a bit of that anxiety to rest.

Bouncing Back from Unemployment
(Woman's Day, February, 2011)
Getting a pink slip is like a one-two punch of emotional and financial trauma. This is a step-by-step guide to get rid of all the anxiety and take you from fired to hired.

Time Makeover
(Retail Me Not, June, 2012)
My personal journey to six steps to calming chaos and being happy.

Finance And Romance: A Perfect Marriage?
(Forbes, October, 2010)
Money doesn't have to destroy relationships. Here's how managing your finances can actually improve your romantic life.

Top 10 Money Fears And What To Do About Them
(Forbes, October, 2010)
Money can be a scary subject for many people, and like many important topics, women and men often deal with their finances differently. 

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